Tier Lists For Everything...

› Tier List Maker: Everything You Need to Know

First of all, what is a tier list exactly? It’s a handy ranking system that lets you rank anything you want in tiers from the best down to the worst. Tier lists let you group similar items together and this type of list is fast and easy to create. It is also highly customizable and shareable.

You can rank literally anything you like from characters in games to sports teams to books, fast food, movies or in fact anything else you can think of. All you need to do is pick a template then customize and share it.

Professionally designed templates allow you to resize your list and then share on any digital or social platform or print it out.

Popular tier lists compile video game characters and rank them all the way from best to worst.

How many you add is up to you and of course it’s totally your call how you rank them and where you share your list. If the game is updated you can easily go back into the tier list and tweak it if need be according to what was in the update.

› How Do You Create a Tier List?

It's simple! Just choose any tier list template, drag & drop images, make short description and hit "Publish". You can rank anything to your perfection.

Tier list designs on Tier List Maker are easy to modify for any social network whichever dimensions they require. Just choose which social network you want to share your tier list to and it will automatically create awesome post.

Once you have finished working on your tier list all that’s left to do is press publish to share your rankings to social media.

› What Else You Can Do with Tier Lists?

Not only do tier lists allow you to be creative and have fun, but they also offer a different type of content.

If you’re looking for brand new ideas to publish on social media, tier lists always do well and make a change from plain text or graphics-based posts.

You can tailor them however you want and let your creative juices flow. Take your pick from plenty of professionally designed tier list templates.

Using Tier List Maker means you can quickly and easily design, save and share your Tier Lists for free for everyone to enjoy.

As well as making lists from best to worst you can make matchup charts for video game characters or sports teams. In fact, if you unleash your creativity there are literally hundreds of fun lists and graphics you could make.

› Tier List Maker is Perfect for Social Media!

Tier List Maker is so easy to use. You can save time by using readymade tier lists and simply customizing the look and feel as well as of course adding your own content to rank.

People love lists and will stop scrolling on social media to look at an eye-catching ranked list between all the text-only posts.

You get to share your own opinions and choose which game character, movie, food or whatever you are listing goes on top and which are ranked lower.

People will either agree or disagree. Either way they’ll love to share their own opinions and that means interacting with your post which is exactly what you want!

Tier List Maker makes light work of whatever project you want to dive into and it’s also a lot of fun to use.